Red Wine 12PB

Red Wine 12Pb

Red wine from Cordoba

Vintage 2019
100 % Syrah

15.00 VAT included

The 12Pb red wine is a high quality product that combines tradition and innovation in its elaboration, offering an intense and balanced flavour that will conquer the most demanding palates. If you are a lover of good wine, do not hesitate to try 12PB red wine and discover all that this exceptional product can offer you. Below you will find all the details about this exceptional wine from Córdoba:

  • Maceration: 14 days
  • Type of ageing: Static
  • Type of barrels: French and American oak casks
  • Ageing time in barrels: 12 months
  • Ageing time in bottle: 12 months
  • Total production: 3.840 bottles


The 12PB red wine is a product that stands out for its commitment to excellence and elegance. Thanks to the use of the Syrah grape it has been possible to establish a high quality red wine in the region of Cordoba. This grape stands out for its resistance to both high and low temperatures making it ideal.

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* Keep in a cool place with a relative humidity between 70 and 80% to prevent the cork from drying out or getting damp. Protect from light and vibrations. Keep in a horizontal position.

15.00 VAT included